Masonry Restoration

Repairs and Restoration are very important to the life of a building.

Even though building exteriors are constructed using durable and resilient materials, they are continuously affected by the ever-changing New England weather. Often times, this leads to deterioration by the appearance of cracks, flaking, efflorescence, spalling and loose units. If not recognized and remedied as this happens, the buildings integrity becomes at risk.

Masonry Repair and Restoration Services we provide:

  • Brick and Stone Repair or Replacement
  • Historic Masonry Repair and Restoration
  • Repointing
  • Building Cleaning and Sealing
  • Exterior Wall Coating
  • Expansion Joint Systems Repair
  • Caulking and Sealants
  • Anchoring and Fastening Systems (Wall Ties)
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Flashing Systems
  • Structural Steel Repair or Replacement

If you have concerns about the structure and durability of your building, call TWI today for a professional evaluation and the care your building deserves.


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